As it is getting closer and closer to my due date, I have been reading many books and topics about anything related to mommy and baby. One topic, with a lot of controversy, is vaccination. All I can say is that I do not feel comfortable with the CDC vaccination schedule. The amount of chemicals injected in the babies tiny bodies is alarming. One book that I enjoyed is written by William Sears. I loved his book, his recommendations, advice, and suggestions. Here is a little summary I came up with after reading his book.


Ipsy February



Here is what I found in this months Ipsy bag.

A lash card, Pixi for pores, Mica eyeliner, Pop mascara, and a mini Coastal Scent eyeshadow palette.


November Ipsy



So here’s what I got from Ipsy (formerly known as MyGlam) for the month of November.
Nailtini nail polish in Millionaire
Chella eyebrow defining gel
Bare Minerals marvelous Moxie lipgloss in Dare Devil
Meet Matt(e) eyeshadow from the Balm in Matt Batali
And finally
Starlet Cosmetics black eye pencil

❤ happy Saturday!

Luxury Wishlist

Now this must be my most expensive wish-list of all. I have been dreaming of visiting Greece, Italy, Spain, and Turkey. I’ve always wanted to spend my Honeymoon by the Mediterranean; however, with all the wedding planning and stress, that never happened. I have been married for almost 18 months now, I am hoping and praying that our second wedding anniversary will be celebrated on the shores of the Mediterranean. Luxury Wishlist

Fashion Wishlist

Fashion Wishlist

Persian Garden



Who else feels guilty when spraying perfume on? Who doesn’t like perfumes that much?
Well, I will admit that I am probably one of those few people who do not like perfume that much. I’d rather use a nice fabric softener with a nice refreshing smell than wearing a perfume. I love lotions and body washes, but perfumes are not my thing.
However, today, while shopping at Whole Foods, I came across the oil perfume section. I fell in love with this particular smell “Persian Garden”. It is so musky, yet sweet. I love musky smells. They are so warm and inviting. I had to have it. Not to mention, it doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals, it’s a pure fragrance oil.

This will be my first fragrance oil. It is so tiny that it fits in my wallet. Perfect for the days on-the-go. I will definitely go back to purchase a few more of those smells, such as the Egyptian Musk and the Tunisian Jasmine.

Smell good, feel good, and go green.


Target Haul



If you like Macadamia Natural products, or have been wanting to try them for the longest time like me, then run to target and buy two for the price of ONE!
I heard great things about those products, and I cannot wait to use them. I am loving everything I got and super excited to use them.


The Genuine Blogger & Sunshine Tag

I noticed a few of these awards floating on some of the amazing blogs I read, and I am happy to know that Hiba from Cloud of Lace nominated me to this award. I think of these more of a tag though, which connects you with other bloggers.

The sunshine award requires you to tag 10 other bloggers and letting them know they were mentioned on your blog. Well, call me lazy, but I am going to switch this up and mention top 5 blogs that I truly enjoy reading. Now after you finish reading this post, I tag you to do the same thing. [Now it is more fun as a tag. No, you do not have to thank me 🙂 ]

The only requirement, I would say, is to mention/link the last blogger you saw the tag at before adopting it.


2. The Scrumptious Pumpkin

3. Huda Beauty 

4. Ms. Brooke P.

Now here are the Tag questions:

  • Favorite color: Green
  • Favorite number: 4
  • Favorite Non-alcoholic drink: Water
  • Facebook or Twitter: Facebook
  • My Passion: Decorating and Designing
  • Favorite pattern: Chevron.
  • Favorite Print: Leopard
  • Favorite Day of the Week: Sunday
  • Favorite Flower: Orchids & Tulips


Now get it this going 🙂



May Birchbox vs. myglam Bag

This month, I received the Gossip Girl Birchbox edition. I would like to share what I received with you. Let’s start:

Here is what came in it:


. Beautyblender Cleanser [not sure how this going to be beneficial to me since I do not own a beauty blender yet. It would have been nice if it came with one 🙂 ]

. BVLGARI Omnia Crystalline Eau de Toilette Spray [i am not fond of those mini tube perfumes]

. Dr. Jart + Waterfuse BB Cream [interested in trying this BB]

. Eyeko Fat Eye Stick in Satin Taupe [not bad, I have to test it and see how good it is during the day]

. Twistband Hair Tie [this is the second time they send one of those ties]

. A Notecrad [very random!]

Now, onto the myglam bag and what it had:


. Philosophy Love Sweet Love Spray Fragrance 

. Studio Gear Complete Color Lipstick in Cinnabar [not too fond of the color 😦 ]

. Miss Beauty Nail Bling [ it claims that it lasts for 10 days on. W shall find out!]

. Myglam Concealer Brush & Defining Eyeliner Brush [two more brushes to add o the collection]

I feel like this months subscriptions were not that great. I wish the Studio Gear lipstick came in a different shade. Anywho, I love receiving those two little packages in the mail every month. It is something to look forward to! 

Have you heard about the GlossyBox and how it is coming to the USA. Anyone else interested in that?


Anna Dello Russo for H&M. Who’s excited?

I love all the collaborations H&M does with different designers and now, for the first time, with a Fashion Director. Who’s better than Anna Dello Russo? I am super excited for this collection. It will be available in around 140 stores worldwide and online on October 4, 2012. The collection features jewelry, sunglasses, shoes, and bags!


How amazing do these pieces look?

Check out her video talking about the collection. “Fashion is my Language!”

(Picture via Anna Dello Russo blog)

From My Mind to You


I added a few more pieces to my Etsy store today! I am absolutely in love with them. 

I have been thinking about them and making them in my mind for a while now, I am so happy to finally have executed them, and now they are a finished complete product and just how I envisioned them! 


I hope you are all having a great weekend. 

Now i have a few other crafty projects waiting for me on the kitchen table. Catch you in the next post!


Organic Face!



I am so excited to try this natural organic line Nardo’s Natural. Four brothers are behind this company and I’ve heard great things about their products.

I will post a review on these products once I get to use them. However, I just tried their lip balm and Oh EM Gee it is so moisturizing. It feels like butter on your lips! I am in love already.

One more step closer to being an IOC.


Smackdown. MYGlam bag vs. BirchBox for March

This post will be direct and straight to the point. What I received from both subscriptions for the month of March and what I liked the most.


Let’s start with MYGlam bag. I received it on March 11th, and here is the product breakdown:

As always, a cute mini makeup bag.

Pur-lisse Pur-Protect SPF30 Essential Daily Moisturizer.

Murad Eye Life Perfector.

DermStore $25 gift card.

Pur-lisse Pur-Lip Comfort Daily Lip Nourisher.

Keracolor Color Enhancing Leave-in treatment.

MyGlam Classic Crease Brush & Case.

What I like:

The Pur-Lisse lip nourisher & the crease brush. The other items will be used only once and normally they don’t capture my attention. Rarely could you judge a product from using it once!


let’s move onto the Birchbox for this month. I received it today, March 12th. Here is the product breakdown:

Color club nail Lacquer in Age of Aquarius.

Harvey Prince Yogini perfume.

Juice Beauty blemish Clearing Cleanser.

Lulu Organics Lavender + Clay Sage Hair Powder

Stila Smokey Eye Card

Tea Forte Skin Smart Teas

What I like:

I am actually very excited to try all these samples from Birchbox. The sample sizes I received are very decent and way better than the MYGlam samples for this month. Now, it’s already spring and it is the time to start taking care of toning and cleansing your body; therefore, I am excited to be trying the Tea Forte packets. I received three flavors: Cucumber Mint, Honey Yuzu, and Cherry Marzipan. They all sound delicious. Oh how much I love tea!

Also, I am always down to trying new dry shampoos, this one smells delicious. The nail polish color is so pretty and perfect for the spring. The Yogini scent is very relaxing and the blemish cleaner is going to be very handy.

Bottom Line, who is the winner in my eyes for this month?

BirchBox is.


Cruise Outfit

In about a month from now, I will be on a cruise to the Bahamas!

This would be our second cruise trip (Our = the Hubby and I). Our first cruise was last year in May for our Honey Moon. It was such a wonderful experience. It was a treat after a whole year of stressful and frustrating at time wedding planning. Cruising is wonderful as you get to see new ports and cities stress free. You do not need to plan or worry about a place to stay, a place to eat, or a spot to visit. Everything is planned and done for you, all you have to do is pick what appeals to you, your taste, and your interests.

Though, one thing you have to plan is your outfits. I am one of those people who always over-packs! Well, I believe over packing is better than under-packing, especially when you are “stuck” on a ship. Therefore, this is the time where I start thinking of the outfits I will be taking with me. There will be a mixture of formal nights, and other casual nights. Therefore, I have to plan accordingly. This will be my first outfit I am thinking of taking.I will be posting the different outfits I am taking on the cruise as I plan them.

Enjoy this for now. Click on the image to find more about each piece.





MyGlam Bag

I just received my second MyGlam goodie bag!

This is actually their second bag released as they are brand new company. And OMG this tiny bag has some great products. I am impressed already.

I am super impressed by MyGlam picks, especially this month. They definitely seem more caring and thoughtful than the other monthly subscription Birchbox. I am not sure if this is because the owners behind it are YouTube Guru’s that know what they are talking about, or maybe because it is still a brand new company, but either way I hope it continues in that way because they are doing a great job.

If you are not familiar with MyGlam or Birchbox is, let me explain a little. it is a monthly subscription of $10 that you can either commit to or do on a monthly bases whenever the budget allows. What it offers is a bag full of mini or even full size products, depending on how lucky you are. The idea is to introduce you to new products and open your eyes to other brands. The reason I love it is because it is only $10 for a great selection of products that all together retail for at least $20. I also love to receive a surprise package in my mail every month and look forward to opening it. Come on, Makeup as a surprise?? Who would ever say no to such thing?!

Happy Monday All!

Best Friend. Best Smell.

My Favorite Perfume Eva!

Well other than that this Perfume is extremely genius, and smells like a Goddess, the reason I am obsessively in love with it is because every time I spray it on, it reminds me of my beautiful best friend Lina. I wish I can spend time with her as we used to do, but being 7000 miles away doesn’t really help.

Coffee Talk

Sharing with you our first Cup of coffee.

I am not a great coffee drinker, it is actually more of a treat to me. I use the K-cups and my Kuerig coffee machine, since I don’t know much about coffee, or making coffee. I love that coffee machine!  I bought a couple sample boxes from Amazon and we fell in love with most of the K-cups we got. Last night, I went on Amazon to try and buy more of those sample boxes as they give you the best variety. To my surprise, most of those K-cups we liked were out of stock, discontinued, or their price was marked up 3 times higher! It is such a shame they are getting discontinued 😦

Now we are on a hunt for new favorites!

I enjoy the Jamaican Make Me Crazy flavor! it has a Coconut/hazelnut flavor to it and I absolutely love it! My hubby hates it, which is AWESOME! It means all for me 🙂 and the best part, it is not one of those that will be discontinued.

Hello world!

Hello World!


I’ve been wanting to start my own blog for a while now. Finally, I did it!

I’ve been on many other social networks and other cool sites for a while, but for some reason it took me a while to create a new blog. I got inspired by many other bloggers that I constantly follow and love their posts; therefore, here I am. I hope my blog will be cool and fun and maybe helpful and inspiring to others.

I spent this morning taking a few pictures of things and ideas I want to share on my blog. Until then, i hope you have a fabulous time blog hunting!


Have a fabulous day!