Coffee Talk

Sharing with you our first Cup of coffee.

I am not a great coffee drinker, it is actually more of a treat to me. I use the K-cups and my Kuerig coffee machine, since I don’t know much about coffee, or making coffee. I love that coffee machine!  I bought a couple sample boxes from Amazon and we fell in love with most of the K-cups we got. Last night, I went on Amazon to try and buy more of those sample boxes as they give you the best variety. To my surprise, most of those K-cups we liked were out of stock, discontinued, or their price was marked up 3 times higher! It is such a shame they are getting discontinued 😦

Now we are on a hunt for new favorites!

I enjoy the Jamaican Make Me Crazy flavor! it has a Coconut/hazelnut flavor to it and I absolutely love it! My hubby hates it, which is AWESOME! It means all for me 🙂 and the best part, it is not one of those that will be discontinued.


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