Persian Garden


Who else feels guilty when spraying perfume on? Who doesn’t like perfumes that much?
Well, I will admit that I am probably one of those few people who do not like perfume that much. I’d rather use a nice fabric softener with a nice refreshing smell than wearing a perfume. I love lotions and body washes, but perfumes are not my thing.
However, today, while shopping at Whole Foods, I came across the oil perfume section. I fell in love with this particular smell “Persian Garden”. It is so musky, yet sweet. I love musky smells. They are so warm and inviting. I had to have it. Not to mention, it doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals, it’s a pure fragrance oil.

This will be my first fragrance oil. It is so tiny that it fits in my wallet. Perfect for the days on-the-go. I will definitely go back to purchase a few more of those smells, such as the Egyptian Musk and the Tunisian Jasmine.

Smell good, feel good, and go green.



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