diy Inspiration


diy Inspiration

Slashed Tee? Studded shorts? Yes Please!


Best of Shoe trends


Best of Shoe trends

So many great styles, trends, and pieces for the next two seasons. I am loving everything about those trends!

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Gold Digger

I used to hate gold tone accessories. In a fact, I didn’t own any piece of jewelry in gold tone. I always thought it was for older women and never got to like it. However, for the past couple seasons, gold tones started attracting me more and more everyday.

Now, I am totally obsessed with gold tones. I do not wear silver toned jewelry as much anymore! Actually, many times I find myself not wearing my wedding band & engagement ring┬ásimply because it doesn’t match!

Since I have olive skin tone, I love how the gold accessories compliment my skin. Here are some beautiful pieces I came across. My wishlist keeps expanding everyday. My wallet and I are in a huge trouble!


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